The Buck School

The garden was designed to be a Zen retreat. It has become the “Big Chill Garden”for the owners friends and family to enjoy. The garden is centered around an abstract garden sculpture “ the Sine Wave” this sculpture creates a visual of rushing-falling water and the soothing sound of heavy rain. On warm days this soothing sound radiates through the home with a zen calming effect.

The Vision

The owner desired a world class garden on a very small budget.

The Challenge

This property is located on a private country road, but unfortunately close to a highway that generates road noise. In addition, there was no parking and the driveway opened onto a dangerous blind curve. Invasive trees grew close to the house. The grade sloped toward the house, turning the basement into a river during heavy rains.

Design Criteria:

  • Mitigate road noise.
  • Create privacy. The home is located very close to a side street.
  • Create a master plan that relocates the driveway, re-grades the property, and creates a sculpture garden courtyard.
  • Large project, small budget.

The Solution

We devised a master plan that included removing large trees to make way for a sculpture garden, terraced the property, and rerouted the driveway into a straighter, less dangerous outlet. Stones that turned up during excavation were recycled into walls. We planted a formal hedge to block the view of the new parking area from the garden. A sculpture, “Sine Wave,” was designed by the owner, and constructed at the end of the courtyard. This sculpture creates the sound of rainfall, which drowns out road noise.

Other Sample Works

Organixx Big Large Tree Removal