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Our Process

Step #1: Imagine

First, the Organixx team will guide you through a brainstorm to come up with ideas for style, design, and purpose. Once a conceptual direction is selected we start the process of developing the final plan.

Step #2: Create

Once the final plan is ready, Organixx brings your vision to life. We pride ourselves on bringing you the finest materials and workmanship, from masonry and iron work, to plant selection and installation.

Step #3: Nurture

Our organic landcare maintenance programs are both an art and a science, focusing on both what you see above and what’s below the soil. Our programs are all custom tailored to meet your needs.

100% Organic

Organixx uses a proprietary system to create beautiful organic landscapes. Our organic land care approach will provide you with a landscape without a cost to the environment.

Our Recent Work

Organixx Big Large Tree Removal